Terms and Conditions

If you have questions regarding ABC Jewelry's Terms and Conditions below, please email info@abcjewelry.com.

Sales Tax

Oregon does not have a sales tax, but the laws continue to evolve. You may be charged sales tax if you live in a state requiring tax withholding.

Repair Service and Ring Sizing

All sizing of ABC products is provided free with purchase. Additionally, most services on ABC products are free unless they are altered or abused. Furthermore, we ask to see all pieces every six months to keep an item looking amazing.

Privacy Policy

ABC Jewelry collects, uses, and discloses personally identifiable information from its customers to no one. Any information gathered by ABC, such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses, stays within our records and is not given out to any outside companies.

Product Availability

All jewelry items listed on our website are subject to availability. Please get in touch with us if you want to verify availability.

Product Pricing

Our management team makes every attempt to ensure our product inventory is accurate. In the event of an inaccurate description or incorrect price of an item, it is due to a system error or data entry. Furthermore, we reserve the right to correct the errors and cancel jewelry product orders.